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European Institutions/EU27

EU Institutions

The EU27 market is of major and increasing importance to Ecorys, especially now that national and private markets are going through a difficult time. Throughout the past 20 years, we have been working for European institutions, and notably the European Commission, in a variety of policy fields, including areas such as education, employment, energy, justice, migration, sustainable development and the regulation of financial markets. Ecorys notably focuses on the monitoring and evaluation of European programmes, policies and activities. Furthermore, we are specialised in carrying out sector studies for various DGs, as part of framework or individual contracts. Besides, Ecorys has strong expertise in managing events for EU27 institutions.

The EU27 market connects Ecorys to the  forefront of European policy making, provides intellectually stimulating work opportunities and helps to attract and retain expert international staff. Ecorys aims at a continuous presence in this promising market and to make the best use of its substantial business opportunities.